Let’s Play In The Park Rhyme for Children

Avatar admin | June 29, 2021

Here is  Let's Play in the Park Rhyme. You can get more nursery rhymes and kids' videos.

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Let's Play in the Park Rhyme Lyrics

Let's in the park park park { X3 }

Children like to hop on this one
Playing on a rocker is so much fun
Look at the See Saw with two little seats
Pushing Up and Down in a perfect beat

We all like to Hop Hop Hop
Rocker is all Fun Fun Fun
Let us sit in the Seat Seat Seat
Up and Down in a Beat Beat Beat

Do you wanna have a joyful ride?
Go up the ladder and down to slide
Play with the ball and kick it around
Or go in a circle in a Merry Go Round

Let's go for a Ride Ride Ride
From the ladder down the Slide Slide Slide
Play The Ball And Kick Kick Kick
Let's all spin Round Round Round

Now It's the time for me to Sing
I'm Swaying Up and Down the Swing
Laugh and Play all through the Park
For there is time till it gets all dark

Together let's Sing Sing Sing
Swaying in the Swing Swing Swing
We Like To Laugh and Play Play Play
We thank for a lovely day

Let's in the park park park { X3 }


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