The Potty Song ♫ – Nursery Rhymes

Avatar admin | June 28, 2022

The Potty Song - Nursery Rhyme. You can get more nursery rhymes and kids' videos.

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The Potty Song - Rhyme  Lyrics

baby you gotta go to the potty

hey baby you gotta go to the potty

But i dont think i have to go

just try hey baby give us a show

No no

Hey baby try again for me for me

Hey baby try again for you for you

Ok i'll try bcoz you asked me

Baby that's the way to go way to go

Mommy I keep trying nothing's coming out X2

One more try baby no need to pout

Oh mommy you think I can go

Mommy I did it all by myself by myself X2

Congrats hey baby now wash your hands
and don't forget to use the soap use the soap

OK mommy

Now can I go to play dear mommy X2

Yes you can go to play hey baby

You've used the potty like a good boy

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